The Devil Came on Horseback. Working towards peace in Darfur, Sudan.

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Groups across the Globe are screening The Devil Came on Horseback to raise awareness and action for Darfur. All groups who use the film for fundraising or awareness purposes must obtain a license to do so in compliance with copyright law.

If you are interested in showing the film for a community or educational event, please fill out the form below to recieve a licensing agreement. To avoid processing delays, provide ALL information requested below.

The screening fee is as follows for the following audience sizes:
• As part of a formal class in the classroom: $25 for film purchase
• Public audience size: 10 to 50: $75 with license
• Public audience size: 51 to 100: $100 with license
• Public audience size: 101 to 300: $200 with license

We welcome the use of the film for fundraising, but please note that 50% of all proceeds (above the screening fee cost) must be contributed to Global Grassroots for its social entrepreneurship work with women genocide survivors.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about screenings and the licensing process.

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Expected Audience Size
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Fundraising Plans, if any
Darfur Educational, Awareness or Action plans, if any
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